Viseon Inc. Case 04/12/2007

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Viseon Inc. Case 04/12/2007
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Shareholder Class Action
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United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas
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On October 14, 2008, the Settlement Hearing was held before U.S. District Court Judge Reed C. O'Connor. At the hearing, the Court approved the settlement, awarded attorney’s fees in the amount of 30% of the settlement and awarded $48,674.17 in reimbursement of expenses. The plaintiff has been ordered to submit a final judgment consistent with findings in the provisional order on or before December 16, 2008.

According to a press release dated April 20, 2007, the complaint alleges violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. During the class period, Viseon issued a series of statements relating to Viseon’s next generation VisiFone broadband video phone. Viseon claimed to have developed the VisiFone II, the next generation of consumer telephony. Viseon failed to disclose to the public that the development of the VisiFone II was only partially completed, and that it was not ready for production. The complaint alleges that Viseon and its officers were well aware of production problems in connection with the VisiFone II. On May 15, 2006, Viseon announced in a public filing that minimal revenue was recorded on the deployment of units of next generation VisiFones to carriers since the deployments continued to be for trial-purposes only. Viseon’s stock price fell as a result of this announcement. The stock is currently trading at $0.01.