22nd Century Group, Inc. (NYSE: XXII) Investor Investigation Over Possible Violations Of Securities Laws Announced

Investors who purchased shares of 22nd Century Group, Inc. (NYSE: XXII), have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation, Inc.

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22nd Century Group
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An investigation on behalf of investors of 22nd Century Group, Inc. (NYSE: XXII) shares over potential securities laws violations by 22nd Century Group, Inc. and certain of its directors and officers in connection with certain financial statements was announced.

The investigation by a law firm focuses on possible claims on behalf of purchasers of the securities of 22nd Century Group, Inc. (NYSE: XXII) concerning whether a series of statements by 22nd Century Group, Inc. regarding its business, its prospects and its operations were materially false and misleading at the time they were made.

Williamsville, NY based 22nd Century Group, Inc., a plant biotechnology company, provides technology that allows increasing or decreasing the level of nicotine and other nicotinic alkaloids in tobacco plants, and cannabinoids in hemp/cannabis plants through genetic engineering and plant breeding. 22nd Century Group, Inc. reported that its annual Total Revenue rose from over $12.27 billion in 2016 to over $16.6 billion in 2017 and that its Net Loss increased from over $11.58 billion in 2016 to over $13.02 billion in 2017.
On October 25, 2018,an article reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) might be actively investigating 22nd Century Group for its involvement in a potential pump and dump scheme. According to the article, a March 2018 exposé revealed that “[f]ake authors” wrote positive stories concerning 22nd Century. The article states that 22nd Century management “has still not explained who authorized or funded the positive articles” or “provided any reasoning for who else could be responsible for these tactics of having fake authors write positive articles.”