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Shareholders Foundation is an independent news agency and professional loss-prevention, settlement recovery, portfolio monitoring service. Specializing in securities class action and other legal actions that affect investor holdings and may lead to loss recovery. Our dedicated staff is committed to bringing original newsworthy content to our readers.

We cover investigations, lawsuits, class actions, settlements, judgments, including breaking news, mergers and rumors and expert analysis in real time 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to use the contact page or email the writers directly and you will have a response within 24 hours, and in most cases the same day.

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Name: Michael Daniels
Position: General Manager
Phone: (858) 779-1554

Name: Astrid Stocker
Position: Chief Editor
Phone: (858) 779-1554

Name: Jacob Rosenfeld
Position: Senior Editor
Phone: (858) 779-1554

Name: Roxana Panahi
Position: Account Manager
Phone: (858) 779-1554

Name: Teresa Buelna
Position: Settlement Claim Manager
Phone: (858) 779-1554

Name: Leila Corcoran
Position: Case Manager
Phone: (858) 779-1554